Baseball Rules & Regulations

Legends Ballpark Tournament Baseball Rules & Regulations

Please arrive at your designated field at least one hour prior to your first scheduled game for check-in. All fees MUST be paid prior to the start of the tournament.


Rosters & Insurance

Rosters and parent waivers must be submitted electronically via the link that is sent out to coaches.  Insurance Certificate must be submitted, electronically, to  Please ensure Legends Ballpark, Inc is listed as an additional insured:


Legends Ballpark

120 Sewell Road

Sewell, NJ 08080


Roster Size:  Limit to participate in Tournament Play: 15

There can be no change to the roster after the first game has commenced unless approved by Legends Ballpark for injuries or special circumstances. All teams must have copies of players birth certificates on them at all times.  Please note, if there are any concerns prior to first game this MUST be addressed with the Umpire and Legends Ballpark prior to first pitch of every game. 


Coaches are required to have on hand – insurance, team rosters and copy of players birth certificates. If a player is challenged, the coach must have support for that player. A challenge may only be performed before the first pitch is thrown for that game. A challenge will not be reviewed at any other time (i.e., during the game or after the game). If the coach does not have support or is ruled ineligible, the umpire will make a final ruling on his eligibility, as well as the results of previously played games and future games.


Inclement Weather/Darkness Policy

In the event of inclement weather, we will do everything within our power to make up games and stay as close to the original game schedule as possible. However, there may be circumstances in which we will need to deviate from the printed schedule. If and when this occurs, we will use the following procedures as a guide:

·       Our priority will always be the safety of each individual at the facility.

·       If inclement weather forces a cancellation of game slots during pool play rounds; we may have to alter the brackets to complete the tournament.

·       If a pool play game cannot be played, the team with the higher seed will advance.


Official Start Time

The time begins as soon as the ground rules meeting at the plate ends.  The Umpire will announce start time at the conclusion of ground rules.


Legends Ballpark Inside Batting Cages: 

BATTING CAGES/PRE-GAME: Use of batting cages will be on a first come first serve basis. There are 8 indoor cages. Please use only one cage and be respectful of other teams waiting to use the cage.  Please, no swings outside of the cages.  There may be certain times when the tournament limits cage time to 20 minutes per team in order to accommodate the large number of teams attending.


Official/Completed Game

All Pool Play games played are considered official at the end of one (1) complete inning (same rules as if it were a 3-inning complete game) regardless of age or reason for the stoppage (weather, darkness, etc.) This ruling is in place due to weather or darkness and to determine standings for single-elimination. All single-elimination games, including championship, are considered complete after 3 innings.


Refund Policy

Play No Games – Teams will receive full credit towards another Legends Ballpark Tournament.

After first game is played no refunds will be given.

Note: Once a game starts it will count as a game played, regardless of its length.


Time Limits & Innings

7u-12u: Six inning game or “No New Inning” will start after 1 hour and 40 minutes. During pool play there will be a 2 hour drop dead; the inning does not revert back, play stops. Play concludes at 2 hours. No extra innings will be played during pool play.  All seed games will complete the current inning after 1 hour 40 minuties time allowance.  All consolation games will be no new inning after 1 hour 40 minutes and a drop dead time of 2 hours. 

If the home time is winning when the 1 hour and 40 minutes time is reached.  The game will be called and considered a complete game. 3 outs do not need to be recorded.    

13u-16u: Seven inning game or “No New Inning” will start after 2 hours.

**All Championship Games will be played out in their entirety, except due to mercy rules.


Tie Breaker

Pool Play games may end in a Tie after the time limit is reached.  However, all single elimination games, including the championship game, must have a winner.  All extra innings games, or when Time Limit is reached in Single Elimination, will use the following rule:  The new inning(s) will be started with Bases Loaded, utilizing the last 3 batters from the previous inning as the runners.  Pool Play games must be within the time limit to continue using this rule. ALL GAMES that go to EXTRA INNINGS or reach the Time Limit will start with BASES LOADED. If a mistake is made by not starting with bases loaded, game proceed without the above rule.



During pool play each team will have a Home and Away game.  In the semi-final and championship rounds, the higher seeded team will be the home team.

Points will be awarded per game based on results:

·       Win = 3 points

·       Tie = 1 point

·       Teams will be seeded based on accumulated points

Two Way Tie

·       Head-to-Head (ONLY applies when 2 teams are tied) 

·        Lowest average runs allowed per game played (if head-to-head, does not apply) 

·        Highest average runs scored per game played 

·       The team that registered for the tournament first will win the tie breaker (coin flips are generally at this point but this method is easier due to location of coaches/teams).  Please note:  if your team is involved in a Tie with 3 or more teams that Head to Head does apply unless your team beat both teams.

Three Way Tie or More

·        Lowest average runs allowed in All Pool Games will determine highest seed, if still tied the Highest Average runs scored will be used and if teams are still Tied then the team that *registered first will win the Tie-Breaker. Exception: If one team beats ALL teams involved, they are the top seed.


Official Scorebook

The home team will keep the official scorebook. The visiting team should check with the home team after each inning to ensure the accuracy in the score.  At the end of the game, the umpire will require each teams coach to sign a slip indicating score.


Playing Rules

The interpretation of playing rules shall be that as defined by the American League of Professional Baseball Clubs (Official Baseball Rules), with the exception of the following:

·       Age Cutoff Date - tournament age before April 30, 2024. All teams must have ALL Birth certificates in their possession during the entire tournament.   For 13u and up divisions, these players will be classified by graduating class year.


·       There is a $100 fee per challenge of a birth date.

·       Bat Restrictions 

o   8u thru 13U division: No Restrictions 

o   14u thru 16u division: -3 BBCOR bats or wood bats only; wood composite bats are acceptable. Wood composite bats are considered to be a composite handle (i.e. bamboo, birch, etc.) and wood barrel. All composite bats must be inspected and approved by the umpire. If you have any suspicion that your bat does not meet this requirement, please leave it home. 

·       Altered or illegal bats will be removed and player will be ejected. If you are batting all players with no substitutions, then player will be considered an out for every missed at-bat.


Protest Opportunities

There will be no formal protests permitted to the Legends Ballpark. All decisions will be determined on the field by the umpire(s).  All judgement calls are determined by the umpire(s).


Slide Rules

If a defensive player is in possession of the ball, the base runner must slide or veer to avoid a collision. If a defensive player does not have possession of the ball, he may not block or obstruct the base runner, and must avoid a collision, if possible.  Any contact or collision deemed by the umpire to be intentional and avoidable shall be cause for ejection from the game of the offending player.  Note the umpire has the final call on this rule and it cannot be challenged.


7U-8U – Any head first slides will be issued as an out.


·       7U – no steals

·       8u – A player may only steal when there is a passed ball behind the umpire.  The ruling will be an immediate dead ball if the runner leaves too soon. The Umpire has final ruling of passed balls.

·       9u-10u – player may steal at the time the ball crosses the plate. The ruling will be an immediate dead ball if the runner leaves too soon. The first time will be a team warning, and the second time the runner will be ruled out. (Head first slides are allowed.)

·       11U-12U – Leads and stealing are permitted. 



Offensive: Teams may bat 9 players, the entire lineup, or any number in-between. Once the number of batters is determined, it must remain for the entire game. If a team loses a player for ANY reason it will result in an automatic out in the batting order, unless a substitute is available. Once a substitution bats or runs for a player, the substitute and the original starter are locked into that batting position and either one may bat or run in that position ONLY.


*Example- When a team chooses to bat the entire lineup, each player is considered a starter.

If a starting player in the batting order must leave during the game for ANY reason when a team is batting the entire lineup, that player's spot in the lineup will not result in an automatic out. Once that spot in the lineup is skipped, that player is not eligible to return to the game in any capacity.

Defensive: Any player on the roster may play in any defensive position at any time, regardless of being in the batting order.

*Example - A team may have 14 players: Bat 9 of them and play the other 3 in the field without having to have an offensive position. No one player in a game can assume more than one offensive position.

A team may start with NO fewer than 8 players. If a team starts with 8, any additional player(s) that shows up shall be placed at the bottom of the batting order. Once the ninth batting position is called in the line-up.  If no player is available, it will be considered an out and no new player can join the game.

Courtesy Runner

Catcher anytime regardless of how many outs there are. The runner will need to be a bench player or if no bench players the last recorded out. 


Avoid Contact Rule

A player may not intentionally run over anyone at any time or place on the field. (Umpire's discretion.)

Intentional Walk

Pitches do NOT need to be thrown for an intentional walk.


·       There will be NO re-entry of a pitcher at any time during the game.

·       Each team is permitted two mound visits per inning by a coach. The mound visit cannot last more than ONE Minute and cannot cause a delay in a game in an effort to stall time. The pitcher must be replaced at the time of the second mound visit.

·       There are NO pitcher inning restrictions


ALL Balks are live.

11u - 1 balk warning per pitcher. 

12u - no balk warning.  

11u/12u - pick-off/speed-up rule: pitcher can attempt to pick off a runner 2-times.  On the 3rd attmept this will be considered a balk and the runner will advance. Once the pitcher throws to the plate the attempts will restart.     


Innings – 6 innings

Field Dimensions:

·       8U-10U: 46’/60’

·       11U-12U: 50’/70’

Innings – 7 innings

·       13U and up: 60’/90’


Code of Conduct/Sportsmanship

Any player/coach ejected from a game must relocate himself to the outfield away from the game.  No further interference will be tolerated.   The player/coach will be allowed to play/coach in the next game however If the same player/coach is ejected twice he will not be permitted to play/coach for the remainder of the tournament and must leave the premises.  Failure to do so will result in a team forfeiture.  Any parent ejected from a game will not be permitted to return and must vacate the premises for the remainder of the tournament.


Mercy Rule

A mercy rule will be imposed:

·       20 runs after first inning

·       15 runs after the second inning

·       12 runs after three inning

·       10 runs after four inning

·       8 runs after five inning


Player Uniform/Equipment

·       Teams are to be in full uniform once they are on the field.  All players must have a uniform number.

·       Players MUST wear baseball turfs, plastic molded cleats, or sneakers on our baseball fields; metal spies are permitted 13u and up.

·       No necklaces or other jewelry that can cause potential harm to the player.  (umpire discretion)

·       Pitchers cannot be wearing sunglasses, have anyhanging material from their glove, be wearing wristbands or sleeves that are white/gray on their throwing arm that may be a distraction to the hitter. The opposing team may ask the umpire for these to be removed. (umpire discretion)


Catcher’s  Equipment

Catcher’s helmet gear must provide ear protection. As a result, no skull caps are permitted except ages 13u and older.

Coaches Attire/Equipment

Coaches are not required to wear full uniform during the games. We do expect the coaches to dress appropriately on the field. Coaches do not need to wear helmets while coaching 1st or 3rd base; however, the players need to wear helmets if they go out to coach 1st or 3rd base.


Fake Bunt/Slash Bunt

7u thru 12u –

·       A batter is out for illegal action when the player fakes a bunt and then takes a full swing, thus eliminating a player from fake bunting (slap-hitting) the ball. Penalty:  Batter is out, the ball is dead, no runners may advance.

13u and up –

·       fake bunt/slash bunts are allowed


Special 8U Playing Rules

Batting Order

You must bat the entire lineup.

3 outs or maximum 5 runs per inning. No runs beyond 5 will be scored unless a home run over the fence. In that situation, all runs scored will count. There will be unlimited runs in the designated last inning which must be determined by both coaches/umpire before a new inning can start.

Should a player become injured, sick, etc., an automatic out shall not be recorded if line up continues to have 9 players. If the line up falls below 9 players then an out will be recorded

Once a player is removed from the batter order, he may not re-enter the game.


·       Free defensive substitutions are allowed.

·       Infield fly rule is not in effect.

·       Three outfielders.


No straight steals permitted.

Runners may advance to 2nd and 3rd on a clear passed ball.  Note if a runner is stealing 2nd on a passed ball and the ball is thrown into the outfield from the catch the runner can advance to 3rd. 

Runners may not steal home. Runners may not score on a passed ball or wild pitch.

If runners are on first and third, and a play is made at second base on a steal, the runner from third may not advance.

If a play is made on a runner stealing third on a wild pitch, the runner may not advance to home.


·       Is allowed.

·       Fake bunting is prohibited.

·       If a batter fakes a bunt and pulls back and swings at the pitch, the batter will be called out. Play Declared Dead


The defense stops the runner.

The lead runner stops (all following runners are considered stopped).

The runner does not make an effort to advance.

Once a runner turns back to his original base, he cannot advance; however, lead runners may continue to the base they are headed for when a defensive play is being made.


All runners may advance if a pitcher, catcher or any other fielder makes a play at a base that results in an overthrow (with the exception of third base by a catcher and when the bases are loaded and a play at first or second base after the pitch has been made).

A “bad” throw from the catcher to the pitcher will not be considered an overthrow

Courtesy Runners

Courtesy runners for pitchers and catchers are optional.

Speed up rule - Mandatory for the catcher (next inning) with two outs and optional for the pitcher. The runner will be the last recorded out.


Special 7U Playing Rules

Field Dimensions - 42’/60’


·       You must bat the entire lineup.

·       Three outs or maximum four runs per inning. No runs beyond four will be scored in any inning, except the last which will be unlimited. In the unlimited inning, a team may score a maximum of eight runs. The unlimited inning must be declared prior to the start of the inning.

·       Should a player become injured, sick, etc., an automatic out shall not be recorded, even if the batting order becomes less than nine players.

·       The mercy rule is not in effect.


·       Free defensive substitutions are allowed.

·       Infield fly rule is not in effect.

·       Four outfielders may be used. The outfielders should be positioned 15-20 feet behind the infielders. An outfielder cannot be the player making a force out at any base.



·       No stealing is permitted.

·       No advancement on passed balls or wild pitches.



·       No bunting.

·       Fake bunting is prohibited. 

·       If a batter fakes a bunt and pulls back and swings at the pitch, the batter will be called out.

·       Jiggling the bat around, offering to bunt and pulling back on every pitch will result in the batter being called out.



·       Defense: One position coach will be permitted to position players prior to the pitch and instruct where to throw the ball once hit.

·       Offense: One each in the third and first base coach’s box, and one pitching. The coach pitching should not assume the role of a base coach and instruct the runners.



·       A runner may advance only one base on a ball hit that does not leave the infield (regardless if a recorded out or player reaching first base).

·       The batter may not advance on an overthrow for a ball that does not leave the infield. Each base runner is permitted to only advance to the base they were going to on an overthrow. (Example, runner on second and infield play to third base. Third base makes a wild throw. The runner on second is only entitled to third base). If a runner does attempt to advance beyond the one base, the play will be ruled dead and the runner must return to the previous base.

·       Runners may advance beyond the currently occupied or upcoming next base on a hit to the outfield, though not encouraged if the ball is timely controlled within the infield. However, if the runner continues to the next base the defense must make a play on that runner as the play will not be declared dead. If there is an overthrow on attempt to throw a runner out from the infield (after relayed from the outfield), the runner may not advance. If a runner does attempt to advance beyond the one base, the play will be ruled dead and the runner must return to the previous base.


Play Declared Dead

·       The defense stops the runner. 

·       The lead runner stops (all following runners are considered stopped). 

·       The runner does not make an effort to advance.

·       Once a runner turns back to his original base, he cannot advance; however, lead runners may continue to the base they are headed for when a defensive play is being made.

 Pitching – Player/Coach Pitch

·       One inning per game. A new Player for each player pitch inning.

·       Innings 1, 3 and 5 are coach pitch. Innings 2, 4 and 6 are player pitch.

·       Pitcher will throw from 42 feet; Coach can throw from base of mound

·       Player Pitch: The player pitches until the batter strikes out, “walks” or puts the ball in play. If the player “walks”, the coach will then pitch to the batter. At that time, there will be no pitch count. The batter will be entitled to three pitches to either make an out or put the ball in play. If on the third pitch or any subsequent pitches the batter hits a foul ball, the batter will get to continue to bat until an out or non- contact pitch is made. A player takes first base on a hit by pitch from a player pitching.

·       Coach Pitch: The batter will receive six pitches. If the batter strikes out, an out is recorded. If the batter fails to put the ball in play after the sixth pitch, an out will be recorded. If on the sixth pitch or any subsequent pitches the batter hits a foul ball, the batter will get to continue to bat until an out or non-contact pitch is made.

·       If a batted ball hits the coach (pitcher) it will be declared dead and result in no pitch/play.


Courtesy Runner

·       Speed up rule - Mandatory for the catcher (next inning) and optional for the pitcher at any point. The runner will be the last end